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There are 34 million deaf children below the age of 15 globally and more than 2 million of them reside in India, many of them struggle to grasp and remember the concepts taught in the classroom. As a result more than 99% of children drop out of high school and therefore struggle to be financially independent and be productive citizens of our society in their adult life.

With Learn and Empower, we want to help change that

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Our Goal is to improve the learnability of deaf children through fun based interactive games 🚀

Working closely with the Deaf Ecosystem, we have been able to understand their challenges and use technology as a medium to come up with a solution that makes a true difference in the lives of deaf children.

We hope we can contribute our bit to improve deaf literacy forever.

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Bridging the gaps through our Interactive learning app

We understand the challenges faced by these little kids and thus by leveraging technology as a medium we designed a solution that brings a true difference in the lives of deaf children. 

How do we make it possible?

To know more :

Our Beta is active now!

An amazing opportunity to use our learning app in its early stage. We are currently offering mathematics for grade 1 to 4 .

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Early release impact

Tested and validated with:


1200+ deaf kids


67 Special schools reached

Image by NASA

Across 7 states 


Parents testimonial
Mrs. Swati Tidke
Mother of : Tanmay Tidke

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